Stein-Roar Skånhaug Bjørnstad

Stein-Roar Skånhaug Bjørnstad

Chief Product Officer, Kongsberg Digital

With an illustrious career spanning over 20 years, Stein-Roar Skånhaug Bjørnstad has been a beacon for digital innovation, guiding many organisations in realising their vision through the digital transformation of the maritime and energy sectors. As the Chief Product Officer at Kongsberg Digital, Stein-Roar is at the helm of product strategy and innovation. His vast expertise, which encompasses software development, system design, startups, heavy asset industries, and industrial software, positions him uniquely in the industry. With a deep-seated commitment to fostering enduring client relationships, Stein-Roar is adept at discerning their primary objectives and orchestrating resources to tailor to their specific aspirations. 

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